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The Anglian Rover Owners' Club Ltd is one of the longest running 4x4 clubs having been formed in 1967.

We host off road competitions, mostly in Herts, Beds, Bucks and Northants, generally once a month. Any make of 4x4 is welcome so you don't have to own a Land Rover as we cover all disciplines. 

Motor Sport is getting back up and running albeit in a modified format.Motor sport may well be open but with modifications, in a nutshell:

Event entering, membership renewal and any payment on the day is no longer allowed. These must all be done on line. Officials (marshals etc.) must also sign-on on line with the appropriate form. Forms can be found either on our Where and When page or the MSUK web site. On site paperwork is not allowed so score cards will not be issued, the masterscore sheet is the only record of the scores and it’s up to the competitor to make sure this is accurate.No spectators. Briefly if your name is not on the signing-on sheet you cannot enter the site at all. Double driving the same vehicle but disinfecting the vehicle between drivers is required. It is the responsibility of the driver to supply a suitable method of doing this. Social Distancing must be observed at all times. When filling in and signing the entry form the entrant declares that the vehicle is fit for the event as scrutineering on site will only be a visual check, the club reserves the right to fully scrutineer any vehicle that does not appear to comply with the regulations. All attendees are required to provide their own PPE. as there will only be PPE on site for the Officials of the Meeting.

These are the bare bones of the current rules. They may change again between now and the event, if they do we will do an email to the membership/entrants and advertise the changes on our web site. All competitors and officials are highly recommended to log onto the MSUK web site, News section, and read the full details. All of these rules/regulations/guidelines have been put in place by the government and/or the MSUK not us.  We would be grateful if you all comply with these rules without argument.

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