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Land Rover Series 1 Off Road

Who are we and what do we do?

The Anglian Rover Owners' Club Ltd is one of the longest running 4x4 clubs, formed in 1967.

We host off road competitions, mostly in Herts, Beds, Bucks and Northants, generally once a month. Any make of 4x4 is welcome, you don't have to own a Land Rover, and our events are run to cater for the novice and expert alike.All events take place on private property and are covered by MSA (Motor Sport Association) permits.

More details about what we do and the types of events we run can be found on the About Us page.


Aug 4, 2016

We are holding an extra trial on the 21st of August at the popular Great Brickhill site, CCV and RTV, there is also an open invitation to the Peak and Dukeries Interclub trial at Eckington, John Ralphs kindly provides the following description:

In previous years, Eckington has been run under strict ALRC rules and only
ALRC club members could enter.  This year, the managing club (Peak &
Dukeries) has opened it up to non-ALRC clubs.

The event runs over three days - CCV on Saturday 27th, RTV on Sunday 28th, Comp on
Monday 29th.  Typical numbers might be 80 RTV driver and 60 CCV drivers.

There is also a Comp on Sunday evening, with the first lap driven just
before darkness falls.  The remaining laps are driven in the dark.  Exciting
to watch and most competitors seem to take several changes of underwear.

The site is a mixture of forest and old coalmining spoil heaps.  The
sections are always very well thought out and I've never been disappointed
about the quality of the event. The area is huge, with a large slightly
sloping camping field.  The whole weekend is very well organised, with good
catering and plenty of toilets (not necessarily related facts).