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TYRO, RTV, CCV and Timed Trials

The Anglian Rover Owners' Club is an off road club which holds competitions in your area at least once a month.

The trials sections are meant to test the drivers' skills. A course is laid out by pairs of canes, called gates, which are numbered downwards in value. Only one 4x4 is allowed on the course at a time. Vehicles try to complete the course by passing through the gates sequentially from highest to the lowest value. If a car touches a cane, or stops forward motion, penalty points will be given according to the number on the cane. The driver with the least amount of penalty points at the end of the day wins the competition. Although these events are held as competitions, it is always the "having fun" that counts.

An open invitation exists to the following clubs who can enter any of our trials under their respective club's membership:

Anglian Land Rover Club, Chiltern Vale Land Rover Club, Beds, Herts & Cambs Land Rover Club, Aylesbury Land Rover Fanatics, Essex Land Rover Club, Southern Rover Owners Club, Midland Rover Owners Club, East Northants Land Rover Owners Club, Peak & Dukeries Land Rover Club Inc. non ALRC spec! Lancashire & Cheshire Land Rover Club, Bucks & Oxon Rescue Group, Breckland Land Rover Club, Lincolnshire Land Rover Club, Leicestershire and Rutland Land Rover Club. Please contact if your club is not listed

24th to 27th May 2019 ALRC National Competition at Whaddon Click here for Map


If any AROC members are interested in being a marshal at this year's “Nationals” at Whaddon in May, the ALRC (Anglian Land Rover Club) are looking for marshals to cover TYRO, CCVT, Team Recovery, RTV and Comp Safari. A free lunch is on offer for volunteers. Check the ALRC website for contact information Anglian Land Rover Club site


9th June 2019 Weston Underwood RTV CCV Click here for Map

6th to 7th July 2019 Tixover Weekend Event More Details and forms

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