Forthcoming Events


29th April 2018, Roundhill Wood (map) RTV/CCV


27th May 2018, Mile Tree Farm (map) RTV


23rd24th June 2018, Tixover TYRO/RTV/CCV TIME TRIAL


22nd July 2018, Quainton (map) RTV/CCV


23rd September 2018, Mile Tree Farm (map) RTV/CCV


28th October 2018, Weston Underwood (map) RTV/CCV


25th November 2018, Brickhill (map) TYRO/RTV/CCV


30th December 2018, Roundhill Wood (map) RTV/CCV



You can find the results for previous events here.

The following club are invited to all of our 2018 events:

Beds, Herts and Cams LRC (BHCLRC)
Chiltern Vale LRC (CVLRC)
Essex LRC (ELRC)
Midland Off Road Club (MORC)
Midland Rover Owners Club (MORC)
Viking 4x4 Club
East Northants ROC (ENLROC)
Southern Rover Owners Club (SROC)