A brief history of the clubs origin's, changes and notable events from the earlier years...


At about this time a group of Land Rover enthusiasts approached the Rover company with the proposal that a club be formed to cater for private Land Rover owners.  The company agreed and formed the Land Rover Owners Club Ltd, this was owned wholly by the Rover Company and was based at Solihull, the company funded and provided staff for the club.  Separate area branches were set up in different parts of the UK and also abroad.


Up to this time the club was named "Land Rover Club Anglia", now the company revised the club structure to accommodate owners of the Rover 2000 car that had been launched in 1963, so clubs were asked to rename as Rover owners clubs and be self-funding  These clubs were affiliated to a new body owned by the company called the "Rover Owners Association" (ROA).


During the AGM on 7-2-1967, held at the Milton Arms Cambridge, it was proposed that the "Land Rover Club Anglia" be wound up, then proposed we set up the "Anglian Rover Owners' Club".  This was seconded, agreed and officers & committee members were elected.


National Rally held at Raydon, Suffolk hosted by the ROA and Anglian Rover Owners' Club.


The ROA amended their rules to allow clubs to co-promote events with non-Rover clubs.  Subsequently the Anglian Rover Owners' Club then amended our rules to also allow the co-promotion of events with other non-Rover Four Wheel Drive clubs.


The Club Secretory and Mr. Tilling had attended a meeting of the ROA and where informed that Leyland Cars, who now owned Rover Cars, no longer wished to be involved with clubs and asked them to look into forming their own association.  To this end the "Association of Rover Clubs Ltd" was formed and know as the ARC, established in 1978 to replace the ROA.


National Rally held at Double Arches Quarry, Heath & Reach, Bedfordshire.  Hosted by the ARC and Anglian Rover Owners' Club.  A very hot and dry national.


Anglian Rover Owners' Club, on the 9th April was incorporated as a Limited Company and by know as "Anglian Rover Owners Club Ltd", a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital.


National Rally held at Double Arches Quarry, Heath & Reach, Bedfordshire.  Hosted by the ARC and Anglian Rover Owners' Club Ltd.  A very, very wet national!


The Anglian Rover Owners' club Ltd is expelled from the ARC for admitting to allowing non Rover vehicle to enter events.  After this the breakaway Chiltern Club was formed.


AROC Annual Awards

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