Road Taxed Vehicle Trial (RTV)

Range Rover Off Road

This competition is designed for road legal taxed vehicles which get driven to and from the event. This trial is harder than the FVT however not as hard as the CCV.

RTV trials are generally designed to be none damaging, but due to the terrain the competition cannot be guaranteed to be completely none damaging. Suitable for beginners as well as intermediate and experienced drivers.

Competitors new to off roading are given guidance by more experienced drivers. Although your off-roader does not need any modifications to take part, it is advisable to remove low spoilers before participating.

An RTV trial comprises of a number of sections, each containing either 10 or 12 gates which the driver must negotiate through without touching or ceasing forward momentum.  Vehicles will normally be categorised into classes, most often Long Short or Super Short Wheel Base (LWB SWB SSWB), this allows for a level playing field with entrants competing against other vehicles in the same class.