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Welcome to AROC!

The Longest running 4x4 club. Est 1967

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Our Next event 

9th June 2024 CCV

at Roundhill Woods, near Tring



The Anglian Rovers Owners Club is one of the longest-running 4x4 clubs having been formed in 1967. Hosting RTV, CCV, TYRO, comp safaris, and time trials. 

EVERYONE is welcome to participate, watch or marshal any event! 

If you want to take things at a bit of a slower pace, why not enter for a TYRO! You don't have to own a fancy Trials car to do this! Some people use their road cars!

If you want to take it a bit faster but not throw yourself in the deep end sign yourself up for an RTV, RTVs aren't as slow-paced as a TYRO or as big as a CCV, it's a halfway point between the two! 

OR if you've done this all before or just want to throw your self into the sport then CCVs are the way to go! 

OR if you like speed, a Time Trial or Comp may be the way for you to go! With the AROC championships this year and Time Trails your need for speed will soon be met! 



Thanks for submitting!


Become a member

To become a member of AROC, which you 100% should! Please click on the button and fill out the form and READ THE RULES!

PLEASE NOTE: Membership renewal costs £12.50 for a year. Joining the club (or if you are rejoining 6 months after your membership exprired a years membership costs £17.50 for a year. 

We no longer offer "family, secondary, bring a friend, or day" memberships.

All drivers and passengers are required to have an in date MSUK Clubman licence 

Any questions please email

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